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Vacation Rental Start-up

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Starting your first vacation rental start-up might be a little intimidating. You have to juggle all these parts of the business. Some of it feels a lot like real estate. There are all these new terms and all these concepts.

In the series of articles below, I try to hold your hand. At least through the first part of your journey.

I’ll explain to you how to get things set-up, how to choose your properties, and how to get them ready for guests. I’ll show you what works and what doesn’t in terms of marketing.

I’ll tell you my story so you can learn from my mistakes. That’s before you start making your own. :)

Hopefully, I’ll help build your confidence up, because a vacation rental start-up is a great thing and can bring so much satisfaction if it’s managed correctly.

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I was reading this article on lodigfy’s blog about building trust when you have no reviews. It got me thinking about my own experience. How long did it take me to get my first review?

When I started out with my first property I remember it was the end of June. The “busy season” was just starting as schools were ending.

Back then I didn’t even have a …

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Even I had prejudices about vacation rentals when I started out. I guess we all do at some level. In my mind doing vacation rentals was more of a numbers game. So many people multiplied by so many nights multiplied this price per night, subtract de expenses, minus taxes … I guess you get the point.

Since then I talked with more than 1000 vacation rental owners just like you. Everyone has their misconceptions. I’m going to talk about the most common ones I’ve seen.

I’m going to make so much money.

Just like I was doing above. You run some numbers in your head and all of a sudden you’re rich. Please, stop counting.