How to build a vacation rental brand

How to build a Vacation Rental Brand

When I started out with my own properties, doing vacation rentals, there were 80 other owners doing the same thing in my small town. Now there are more than 1500. In 5 years.

As vacation rentals become more popular the competition increases. It gets harder to attract new guests. It’s harder for you to differentiate yourself.

Having a strong brand can help with that. A good vacation rental brand can help you attract new customers, retain old ones, and stand out from the crowd.

Below I list some of the steps you need to take when considering building your brand. The list is not exhaustive but should provide you with a good starting point.

Understand who you are

Vacation rental brand: Understand who you are
Vacation Rental Brand: Understand who you are

This is the fun part and the longest part. Take a step back and breath. Close your eyes and think for a second.

Why did you start with vacation rentals? Just as a side business? Or do you want to build it into something more?

What do you like about hosting? I there something you don’t you like?

Moreover, what did you like when you visited other places and used a vacation rental property? Did the hosts speak to you in a certain way? Did they do something special or out of the ordinary that you liked?

Then, take some time to think about you? What gets you excited? How are you in interactions with other people/

These are not all the questions. It’s just a small list to get you started. Your objective should be to build a baseline. To understand where and who you are.

Get a clear picture of why and how you want to do vacation rentals. That will make it easy to move to the next step.

Research competitors

I explained this in the vacation rental business plan article. The core principles stay the same. See who is doing the same thing around you. See how they are better, see how you’re better, and understand how you can improve.

vacation rentals competitors
Vacation Rentals can be very Competitive

The vacation rental landscape is always evolving at a very fast pace. Some things that are cool today might not be in 2 months. Learn to differentiate between trends and real differentiators.

It’s hard to give examples here as every property has some very specific pluses or minuses, even so, I’ll try some general ones.

Your competitor has a touchscreen fridge – that’s a coolness factor, not a differentiator. Your competitor’s property has a view. That’s a differentiator. And a hard one to beat sometimes.

Read through reviews in your area and see what people appreciated or not. You’ll be surprised by what they actually mention in their reviews. And you’ll realize it’s the little things that count.

Don’t try to categorize competitors in any way at this point. It’s easier after the next step, once you have ad ideal guest profile. For now, just take the time to understand the market. See who gets the most attention.

Even if it feels scary at first, you’ll see that the more you read and research the more comfortable you’ll be.

Determine your ideal guest

Every time I talk to a vacation rental owner this is the fun part for me. Imagining his ideal guest. And it can become fun for you as well.

Just think about it. A grumpy old man enters your property in the middle of the night. He’s tired and hungry. He starts cooking this smelly beans and sausage recipe. He sleeps on the couch, gets up late, and checks out 1 hour after the agreed-upon time.

I can assure you that’s no one’s ideal guest. However, if you want to avoid certain types of people now is the time to think about it.

Let’s take my example. For me, the ideal guests are a young family. In their late 20s to mid-30s. They have one or two kids and they love traveling and exploring new places. They choose vacation rentals because it’s easier to take care of the kids this way. Most importantly, they usually stay 3 or 4 nights and leave the apartment in good shape.

Write this stuff down for yourself. And try to analyze each of them. Let me explain how.

ideal guest profile
Navigate the Ideal Guest Profile

Number of guests, I listed 2 plus kids for example. Think of the group size. When you allow more than 6 people for example you might get parties. Are you ready for that?

Passions are hard to pinpoint and they depend on the area. Sports activities are a good example here. You are located in a mountain area, your guests love to ski but you are very far away from the slopes. Not ideal.

The length of stay determines your costs and the pricing strategy. If you want to offer a lower price some guest profiles are better than others. The same applies if you want to price above the market.

Build a story for your brand

Build your story. It starts with you imagining yourself in the same room as your ideal guest.

Tell him how you got started. How you found the property he will stay at. How you renovated or decorated. Tell him all about why you love doing vacation rentals.

Talk to your imaginary guest about things they can do around the city.

And write all of it down. A rough version will do for what we’re trying to achieve here.

This draft will become at one point your vacation rental brand story. Before it does that you still need to work on it. A lot.

From this first version, I imagine another 6 to 12 months of actually hosting people and talking to them. See how easy I moved form an imaginary ideal guest to a real one? I hope it’s as easy for you.

After that, try to write a final version. Less about you and more about this new brand. Imagine you are passing it over to someone and they in turn are passing it over to someone else as well.

How would you like them to host people? to talk to them? to great them? What amenities should the properties have? Talk about everything that’s encapsulated in the experience you provide.

The main advantage of this story is that you’ll never forget who you are and what your vacation rental business is. Hopefully, using this, you’ll find the resources to stay true to yourself and to your guests.

Create a visual identity

This is the part that everyone thinks of when I say vacation rental brands. And I can’t blame them. The brand has been for so long associated with its visual key elements. The ethos and the meaning behind it have been lost.

But now that we know better and we went through the entire brand-building exercise, creating the visual identity should be easy.

From personal experience, my opinion is to hire a professional designer. They will get the job done faster and better than you ever can.

Things to ask for would be:

  • A Logo
  • A list of fonts that go well together for you
  • A color palette
  • A website design
  • Stationery design, if you use this
  • Merchandise design – I love this one. Hats, umbrellas, t-shirts, and anything else that you can provide your guests with.
  • Anything else you can think of

It’s hard to give advice on this topic. There are all sorts of trends going around each year when it comes to a brand’s visual identity.

Just some examples for 2020:

And all I can say is that 2020 is almost over.

After you have all of these done. Test it out. With friends, family, past, and current guests. See any reactions. Gather all the feedback you can and iterate a couple of times with your designer.

In the end, find something you love most of all. I know it seems counterintuitive, but out of all the people, you’ll be interacting the most with your brand so it has to be something you love.


Everything you and I discussed here is constantly changing. Your competitors are getting better. The ideal guests profile changes as you host more people. Above all else, you change and adapt as you build up experience in vacation rentals.

Even if your brand has some directions defined from the get-go it should adapt. Adjust your identity as things evolve and always keep improving.

Building a vacation rental brand is not that hard

Even if it seems overwhelming at first building a vacation rental brand is not hard. It takes patients, research, and a lot of iterating.

In conclusion, take the time to go through every one of the aspects discussed and contact me if you think I can help.

Prejudices About Vacation Rental

Top 5 Common Prejudices About Vacation Rentals

Even I had prejudices about vacation rentals when I started out. I guess we all do at some level. In my mind doing vacation rentals was more of a numbers game. So many people multiplied by so many nights multiplied this price per night, subtract de expenses, minus taxes … I guess you get the point.

Since then I talked with more than 1000 vacation rental owners just like you. Everyone has their misconceptions. I’m going to talk about the most common ones I’ve seen.

I’m going to make so much money.

Just like I was doing above. You run some numbers in your head and all of a sudden you’re rich. Please, stop counting.

Realistically you’re not going to make that money. For different reasons. Seasonality for one or higher costs than originally forecasted.

The good news is that you are going to make money. The prejudice is that you are going to make 5 times more vs doing long term renting in the same property. Probably not.

What you should realistically expect is to do around 2 times rent for that area/neighborhood. Which is still good.

Manage your property very well and you could be looking at even more.

But, vacation rentals will never be a get rich quick scheme.

Anyone can do vacation rentals

Yes, anyone can do vacation rentals, true. On the other hand, to do it well and to actually be profitable is not for everyone.

Your heart has to be in it. All the way. Even if you’re still learning you have to wake up each morning thinking about how you can make the life of your guests better.

You have to smile even on your worst days. You have to be around for any issues even when you would rather be somewhere else.

And at the end of the day, you have to go to bed thinking what a great job you did.

In conclusion, anyone can but it’s not for everyone.

You can automate vacation rentals and let it make money for you

automate vacation rentals

Yes and no. A lot of day to day stuff can be automated. Today more than ever there are apps and systems that let you track check-ins and checkouts, automate guest and staff communications, or do auto followups with guests.

The question is now, should you automate everything? If you’ve read other articles from me on the topic you would know I lean towards no.

I still believe in that personal touch. That first hello when you welcome guests after a long trip. That smile when they ask about something you can’t provide right now, but the smile that helps them see you’re trying.

Automation can take a lot off your plate but can also create a mechanical relationship with guests. And in my mind, that’s not what hospitality is about.

As long as the property is in a good location it doesn’t matter how it looks

This one troubles me the most. I just don’t understand how someone can plan to start a vacation rental business and think like this.

Look at it this way. Would you stay in your place for 2 or 3 nights? Would you like to wake every morning in that bed? Would you use that bathroom?

I’m not saying that everything depends on how the property looks, but as with any business, that’s your product. Make it stand out.

If you are in a market with high enough demand you will receive guests even if your property looks bad. but overall it still hurts you. You will see fewer repeat travelers or a smaller price per night.

The biggest issue I’ve seen with properties like these are cancelations. Either they cancel when they check-in and realize how it looks or even beforehand when something better opens up.

There are already too many vacation rentals in my town

too many vacation rentals

So? Your point is? That means there’s demand. Plus there is no such thing as too many if you have a good vacation rental business plan.

You have a good property, in a good location and you offer a great service. You are competitively priced. You’re good to go.

In the offseason maybe you can feel the pressure from the competition. But take it as a plus. Find ways to innovate and differentiate.

Prejudices About Vacation Rentals are still out there

Even if I talk about them, and write articles. Even if everyone starting-up realizes that they are not real issues. Even if they pass their story forward to beginners. These prejudices will still exist. And others will probably pop-up.

Like in any business, vacation rentals have their myths. And that’s ok. As long as stick to your game plan and put in the work, like in any business, nothing can stop you.

Vacation Rental Sites Like Airbnb

Vacation Rental Sites Like Airbnb – What You Need to Understand

Vacation rental sites like Airbnb are great. I love them and I’m sure you do too. They bring in bookings for a small commission. Lots of bookings.

I won’t discuss here how many bookings or how high is that commission. Or what exactly you are paying for when you pay it. Today I want to talk about something else.

Listing sites like Airbnb or are losing importance as more and more people understand that NOT relying on them is the winning strategy.

The big picture

The big picture people always seem to forget when doing a vacation rental business is the business part of it. And I don’t mean accounting here. I’m talking about business strategy.

First of all, you have a brand to look after. If you’re serious about doing vacation rental long term. Sites like Airbnb or TripAdvisor will not help you with that.

Thousands and thousands of apartments. Scroll, scroll, click. Scroll, Scroll, click. As a result, it’s so easy to get lost in the noise. The entire property I mean. The brand you are trying to grow is lost whatever you do.

Your own website or a newsletter can offer more help with this. Your own website is actually crucial for this.

And I don’t have to stress out in this article how crucial it is for a long term business to have a strong brand. It builds trust, it’s recognizable and most of all for vacation rentals it brings in repeat business.

Guests that love to come back

Returning guests is a strong fundamental principle for any vacation rental business.

Offer a good service, communicate in a nice manner, and offer an overall pleasant experience at the correct price and people will love to come back.

Bookings coming from listing websites have a lower chance of converting into repeat business. bookings coming from your own website or social media a higher one.

For instance, the strategy I started with was to generate bookings from OTAs and as they check-in grab as much contact info they would give me.

After I would keep in constant contact with them throughout the year. Not trying to be annoying. In our business, a good email sent every 3 months is enough to do the trick.

From those emails, I would redirect them to my website and run remarketing ads for up to 2 or 3 weeks. And it paid off.

In conclusion, I’m not saying this is the only way, but it’s one strategy I tried and it worked.

Vacation rental sites like Airbnb – Instead of a Conclusion

I know it’s hard letting go. They bring constant business. On top of that, with a good channel manager and reservation system you probably managed to automate the entire thing.

But take a step back. Do this exercise for me. Try to think about the amount of money you are spending on commissions. Do an average and see how many returns visits you had. Maybe put just these 2 metrics on paper and see if your business could benefit from a different strategy.

And these are just to list a few KPIs. Should I tell you that booking from other sources usually stay longer and have a higher average price per night?

Vacation rental sites like Airbnb will slowly lose importance. Not this year or the next but long term as vacation rental businesses move away from owner management to a more professional approach.

Fantastic Vacation Rental Property

How To Have A Fantastic Vacation Rental Property With Minimal Spending

Having a fantastic vacation rental property is my dream. And I’m sure it’s yours too. That property where everyone loves to stay in. The property that gets the best reviews. The one place in the area that gets featured in magazines and on Pinterest. Come on. We’ve all seen those Pinterest pictures.

The first thing to know is the easy and expensive way. Get an architect, get an interior designer, put in a lot of money. Get some designer furniture. A bit more money. Take some amazing professional photos. A lot more money. And you’re there. But you don’t want that. I don’t want that for you.

We are going to look at the minimal sending approach on how to have a fantastic rental property.

Put the time in to do the research

Get a nice cup of coffee. Get your laptop. Lay down somewhere comfortable. And look at pictures. And more pictures. Look at all the pictures.

Look at house trends on Pinterest. See what others are doing and understand what people tend to recommend and share.

Put the time in to do the research

Look at Airbnb properties. Who has the best reviews? Do they all have something in common?

Read interior design blogs. See what the experts say and compare them with what they actually show in the pictures. Does it fit the other stuff you looked at?

Ask around on Facebook groups and Twitter for ideas. People are usually more than happy to join in the conversation and pitch some ideas.

Plan, plan, plan

One of the construction teams I used to work it would always take 30 min every morning to measure and plan ahead. I loved it.

I also take a few minutes before starting anything just to think it through. Even blog posts like this one.

I run through a few scenarios. What could go wrong? What could some possible reactions be? How should I approve this?

And I do the same when renovating or rearranging a property. It helps me clear my head and sets a clear path forward.

This doesn’t mean unexpected things won’t happen. Oh, they will. And plenty. It just means I have the peace of mind to start working.

Plan a Fantastic Vacation Rental Property

Some tips and tricks here from my experience:

  • Measure everything twice or even three times
  • Check angles. You will be amazed how very few angles are actually straight in your property
  • The same goes for height. Check the height of the room in different places and make sure the ceiling is leveled.
  • Have professionals come in and check plumbing and electricity. These two tend to be very hard to fix once everything is in place.
  • When thinking about furniture use cardboard boxes to place them around the room. Look for something roughly the same size as the things you plan to buy. This will give you an idea of how much space they take and more importantly how much room you are leaving between items.

Now, let’s do the work

I already know you have an amazing property. I was telling you how to choose your first vacation rental property here.

But your fantastic vacation rental property still needs work. If you’re anything like me, probably lots of work.

The secret here is not to panic. Breath in and try to realize that more than 85% of all the thing s you need to do you can do yourself.

DIY renovation vacation rental property

Take for example wall painting. It’s a one-man job and even if you have no experience it shouldn’t;t take you more than a day for a small studio.

One of the things I was most scared of was bathroom tiles. It turns out that with the right tools it was no problem. Took me 3 hours for a small bathroom.

  • Ask for help. Always. And don’t be ashamed to do it. You must have a friend or an uncle that loves this DIY stuff. Ask them.
  • Look at youtube videos. In the last couple of years, people have uploaded some amazing video content that gets better every day. “Dad, how do I
  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Anything, and I mean anything can be fixed/put back/replaced.

Doing it yourself doesn’t mean you can’t bring in professionals. Every time you feel something is too dangerous or too dirty, too heavy or too complicated call, someone.

As a sort of encouragement, I can tell you that I never experienced a better feeling than when I stood back and looked at those bathroom titles I was telling you about.

This type of work brings a certain satisfaction that you should try to experience at least once.

A Fantastic Vacation Rental Property With Minimal Spending

In conclusion, you can see it doesn’t have to be hard. As long as you don’t panic and you don’t give up.

Take your time. DO the research, plan ahead, and then get to work.

I did it, I have friends and people I know that managed to do it.

I am absolutely sure you can do it as well.

Buying your first vacation rental property

Things to Look for When Buying Your First Vacation Rental Property

Buying your first vacation rental property is not an easy choice to make. I remember buying my first property. It was a beat down studio right in the heart of the old city center. I was so afraid of deciding. I could just imagine the amount of work that’s going to go into it. In the end, it seems I made the right choice.

But if the property is not in the best are, on the best street, right in the heart of things? You have to start looking at other factors that can make or break the deal. Start with the ones that might affect your vacation rental business KPIs. Follow-on with things that could make your life easier. End with the stuff that increases resell value later on.

Best for your guests

When buying your first vacation rental property guests should come first. Think about what would make them happy. Try to think back to all the vacation you had. Think of the things you appreciated in a vacation rental apartment.

A very nice bathroom. And I mean very nice. It’s one of the first things I look at when I travel. I also see my guests doing it very often. In my opinion, the bathroom shows how well the owner takes care of his property. How well he cleans it. How “updated” it is. And also, I tend to spend more time there than in the kitchen for example when I’m out traveling.

A comfortable big bed. The best mattress you can find with the fluffiest pillows. By interviewing people in the last couple of years I discovered more than 80% of the time spend in your place is spent in bed. Other sleeping or relaxing. I think that’s one very good reason to get the best bed possible. One they’ll remember.

Good coffee. Nice espresso machine. Always stocked. Always clean. Nice big mugs. Sugar, milk, and everything else you need. Plus a selection of tee.

Big sunny windows. Though not necessarily a must, depending on climate and location they are nice and people do appreciate it. They’re harder to find but if you are lucky and they also come with a nice city view you’re set.

Or maybe there is something else specific to the area. Are you around a ski resort or the beach? Do your guests need a place to store their equipment? Is the vacation rental property located in an area where it rains a lot? Do you need anything in the entrance for them to rinse off?

It’s hard to anticipate everything. And guests do have the tendency to surprise you with requests. Keep an open mind and build from your experience.

Make life easier for yourself

If you decide to manage the vacation rental property yourself and not choose an agency then these might come in handy.

A good parking space in the area. This could come in handy for your guests as well but think bout yourself. Cleaning. Maintenance. Check-ins. Check-outs. I remember in the first months I was in and out of that property almost daily. And I wished I had a parking spot.

A place inside the property that can be locked. I know. It sounds funny. But guests have a tendency of snooping around. Also, some of the ones I’ve met have a tendency to use every towel they come across. Or to sleep with all the pillows. But this lockable place is not only about hiding towels and pillows. You could also store there the more toxic cleaning products or maybe some tools for easy around the house fixes.

The best entrance lock you can find. More than half of the midnight calls I received from guests were about “I can’t get in”, “The key won’t go in”, “We’re locked outside”. Get the best one you can find with the easiest to use mechanism. Period.

Resell value

This one is a tricky one. And remember this is your first property. If you have a good business plan in place you should know the area and the factors that could impact price. This stuff goes a bit beyond vacation rentals and into real estate so I’ll try to keep it brief.

Access to the city center by walking or by public transport. A number of bathrooms and bedrooms. Shared spaces if any. These are some of the things you should look for. Try to imagine how the city will expand in another couple of years and factor that in.

No one will be able to say for sure if the price for a property will go up and down. Here some of the easiest picks are the really beat down ones like my first ones. Sometimes just by renovating them, you double their value.

Buying Your First Vacation Rental Property

Not easy. Big decision. I know how you feel. I’ve been there. But if I can leave you with one word of encouragement. Believe in yourself. You are making the right choice. Vacation rentals are a good business that will bring you a lot of satisfaction. It’s hard work but it’s worth it.

Buying a property is never becomes easier. Unless you are buying it from someone and the place has a proven record. But it’s not that hard either. Keep your eyes open. Have patience and I’m sure you’ll make the right choice.

Doing vacation rentals right

There’s No Point Doing Vacation Rental If You’re Not Doing It Right.

This is one of the things I hate to get used to right from the get-go. Having a few vacation rental properties can be a part-time job, but you should never treat it as a part-time job. Each of the guests coming through your door has a story and a reason for being there. For every one of them, this holiday is important and a big part of their holiday is the place they stay. And that part depends on you.

Now I’m not saying you should let the pressure get the better of you. What I’m trying to make you understand is that you should be aware. Aware of what makes a good vacation for you and what could make one for them. Aware of what they say. Try to anticipate some of their needs. Vacation rentals are less a real estate business and way more a hospitality one. So you should act accordingly. Make them feel welcomed and they will always find ways to repay you.

There’s no point in doing vacation rentals if you’re not doing it right. You should do something that brings you joy, so in turn, you can bring happiness to others. If you don’t believe me, think of your last holiday. Did a smile make your day better? Did a friendly hello make the trip seem shorter? These small interactions add up and in the end decide who you are as a vacation rental manager. And I hope what you see is something you are proud of.

Complaining vacation rental guest

7 Facts About Vacation Rentals Guests That Will Make You Think Twice

A lot of people joined the vacation rental bandwagon. And it’s great. The more the merrier. Plus, every new voice brings with it a new opportunity for us to get our message across. Vacation rentals are a better, more personalized, and more affordable way to travel. But as you can imagine not everything is happy – happy – joy – joy. The experience is most often amazing for all the people involved. On some rare occasions though it can get really bad for both you, the vacation rental manager, or for your vacation rentals guests. Today I’m focusing on you and how you can learn to protect yourself.

1. Not so pleasant guests.

Even if you can’t believe it they do exists. They walk among us. And they don’t have to be terrible either. Just a bit off to ruin your day. For example, missing the check-in time by 50 mins can turn your day upside down (if you haven’t yet moved to self check-ins).

Some of these people do it intentionally. From my experience, they act peaky or displeased to get a discount or some other perk. You shouldn’t take it personally. Most likely there is no smell, the towels are not dirty, the glasses did not have any spots.

2. The rude guests.

These guys don’t have a reason behind their attitude. That’s just how they are. And you get used to it. I’ve met and talked to more than 1000 vacation rentals guests. Some had a bad trip so far. Others had a bad day. Some just received some bad news. Some are annoyed with something else and they put it all on you. And some are just rude.

For me, the secret is to keep calm. I lower your voice a bit and talk as slowly as I can. Most often they try to focus on what I’m saying and leave the attitude aside for a second. If this doesn’t work I breathe in deep and just remind myself that there is really nothing I can do to fix this and I have to move on.

3. The dirty vacation rentals guest

These ones are the worst for me. Usually, our guests leave the apartments as they found them. Some of them even make the bed. Others do the dishes, some don’t. But overall there aren’t any big issues. And then there is the “filthy guest”. You know them. We all had to deal with them.

When you first meet them they seem like a normal family. You have a pleasant discussion and you let them enjoy their stay. A few days pass, their holiday is done and the cleaning time comes. BOOM! Not just the dishes, or the bed, or the bathroom. Actual mud on the walls. A footprint on the wall. 16 towels which now look brown for a 2-night stay. Garbage on the nightstand and bed linen on the floor is some sort of puddle.

The first time this happened to me I got mad. By now I got used to it. It doesn’t happen that often and I count it as the cost of doing business. The thing that still amazes me, after all this time, is the fact that there is nothing hinting towards this. They seem like absolutely normal people. Well, I guess this style of living will remain a mystery to me.

4. The “one more question” guest

These guys are funny at the beginning and only a few of them have the tendency to go too far. You know I like to do the check-ins in person, and one of the reasons is the chance to talk to people and answer their questions about the city and the neighborhood.

There are some vacation rentals guests, though, that take this too far. And they have … one more question. You don’t even know it and an hour has passed. And it can get even worst if they start calling during the evening.

Don’t get me wrong. I meet amazing people and have great conversations. That’s the reason I still do it. But that one more question sometimes is too much. And it could have been oooh soo good without it.

p.s. If you’ve found yourself on the other side of this part of the story, be gentle with your host. They will be polite and try to answer everything, but they are not there to replace google searches. We know hidden restaurants for example but we shouldn’t know the opening hours for the zoo.

5. The underaged vacation rentals guests

I only had two of these in my entire history as a vacation rental owner. And I can tell you it’s a weird sensation. It’s not really illegal to travel if you are under 18 here, but sometimes you are soo under 18 that it rings some bells.

The first guests were a couple of guys. Maybe one of them was 15 and the other one might have been 13. Initially, I didn’t know how to react. They pulled out the PlayStation and said the new FIFA game came out and they just could not have the peace and quiet at home to enjoy it. I smiled and let them be. The second case was a bit more tricky and I had to notify the parents in the end.

I think guests like these require a judgment call on the spot which could be tricky. But in the end, they’re not that common to become a problem Maybe just a nuisance from time to time.

6. The party animal

I met this guy only once in my life. Not getting into details, but it involved police, neighbors screaming in the middle of the night. Crying babies and the fire department. My insurance covered most of the costs. I had the chance to find out I am liable for very little as the property owner, but that the neighbors will hold you accountable for quite some time.

7. The “rule breaker” guest

I tell them the heating is always on and they can just adjust the temperature as they please. Oh, but can they have it turned on. They don’t think they’ll use it. Usually, the neighbors close the main gate to the building at 10:00. After that, they have to use the key. Oh, but maybe they can leave it open until eleven, just in case they lose the key.

We have a special compartment in the hallway for wet umbrellas. Just to make it easy for everyone. Oh, but they prefer to leave it in the hallway, in the common space. They’re sure the neighbors won’t mind. Parking is on the other side of the street and it’s free for guests. Oh, but they just left it on this site, just for a second, a minute, an hour. Just enough to get a fine.

It’s not any big thing. It’s all the little things. And you can see them coming a mile away. Once the first little things need to be in a certain way that’s when all of them have to be in another way. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it causes issues with the neighbors. At times I let them be. And sometimes I try to explain and educate.

Being a vacation rental owner has some downside as well. Tricky vacation rentals guests are part of the story. Don’t forget to smile, breathe, and to remember all the joy you get out of hosting people. At the end of the day, that’s what will keep you going.