Doing vacation rentals right

There’s No Point Doing Vacation Rental If You’re Not Doing It Right.

This is one of the things I hate to get used to right from the get-go. Having a few vacation rental properties can be a part-time job, but you should never treat it as a part-time job. Each of the guests coming through your door has a story and a reason for being there. For every one of them, this holiday is important and a big part of their holiday is the place they stay. And that part depends on you.

Now I’m not saying you should let the pressure get the better of you. What I’m trying to make you understand is that you should be aware. Aware of what makes a good vacation for you and what could make one for them. Aware of what they say. Try to anticipate some of their needs. Vacation rentals are less a real estate business and way more a hospitality one. So you should act accordingly. Make them feel welcomed and they will always find ways to repay you.

There’s no point in doing vacation rentals if you’re not doing it right. You should do something that brings you joy, so in turn, you can bring happiness to others. If you don’t believe me, think of your last holiday. Did a smile make your day better? Did a friendly hello make the trip seem shorter? These small interactions add up and in the end decide who you are as a vacation rental manager. And I hope what you see is something you are proud of.

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