Becoming a vacation rental owner and starting up your own business can be loads of fun.

You will become an entrepreneur with all the responsibilities and excitement this title comes with.

Always remember you’re not running the race against everyone else. More often than not, you’re simply running it against yourself.

Be better than you were yesterday. Pay more attention to your guests than you did yesterday.

Try to invent and reinvent yourself everyday.

Success doesn’t come all at once. And it really shouldn’t. You don’t realize it. You wake up one day, look around, and feel grateful for what you have.

And as entrepreneur and vacation rental owner you’ll keep pushing.

Learning how to become a vacation rental business owner is less about the destination and more about the journey.

I guess the one above you heard a million times. But for me, renovating my first property and hosting people for the first time was the moment when I actually understood how true it is.

If I have to leave you with some sort of conclusion that would be to love the grind. To learn to enjoy it.

You will be alone in this endeavor. Starting a business is different than getting a new job. You will feel alone and what will keep you going is the dream.

Hold one to that dream you started with. To offer the best experience. To make tourists happy. To show the best part of your city. Whatever it is stick with it because it’s the thing that will keep you going.

And always look for ways to have fun while doing it!